Does your workplace in Sydney have an asbestos register and management plan?

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Does your workplace in Sydney have an asbestos register and management plan?

The person in control of a workplace must insure that an asbestos register is prepared and kept at the workplace. This extends to strata managers and owners corporation who have management control of residential complexes.

The Safework NSW code of practice states that an asbestos register is not required for a workplace if;

  • The workplace was a building that was constructed after 31 December 2003, and
  • No asbestos has been identified in the workplace, and
  • No asbestos is likely to be present at the workplace from time to time.

It is recommended that your Sydney or NSW based workplace asbestos register is updated at least every 5 years
. If friable asbestos is detected in the workplace, it may be sensible to update the register every 2 years to assess the condition of the material. Sydney was a hotspot like many other metropolitan cities in Australia, so it’s essential that your register is complete and updated.

Importance of an asbestos register!

Let’s say for example you engage a tradesman to remove and replace your exiting fire doors on site. If an asbestos register is on site, the tradesmen can view the work area on the register to determine if his work will be affected by any asbestos material. Thankfully the asbestos register determined that the fire door cores contain asbestos, and the appropriate licensed contractors and hygienists can be engaged to safely remove and dispose of the fire doors safely.

If a workplace asbestos register was not on site, the asbestos fire doors may not have been detected. The asbestos fire doors would have been taken off their hinges and would have left asbestos dust and debris within the site potentially putting the health of the residents and employees at risk.

This negligence opens up a multitude of legal ramifications for the clean-up and remediation work of a contaminated area. Ensure that you have the right procedures in place to avoid preventable errors. This starts with having an up to date asbestos register on site and well-informed staff.

If you’re in Sydney or NSW, Envirovision Consulting can update your register for you, just request a quote by clicking the form button at the top of the page or call us today!

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