What is a Licensed Asbestos Assessor?

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What is a Licensed Asbestos Assessor?

A Licensed Asbestos Assessor is a license given to individual assessors by SafeWork NSW. The license allows inspectors to conduct friable asbestos monitoring, friable clearance certificates for Class A asbestos removal work in Sydney and NSW. In addition, Licensed Asbestos Assessors can carry out risk assessments and review asbestos registers. Typically, for someone to obtain a Asbestos Assessors Licence, they need to provide at least two years of industry experience as well as ample documentation to demonstrate their competence.

What is the purpose of a Licensed Asbestos Assessor?

Friable asbestos is a very serious and sensitive issue, thus it is essential that the consultants dealing with the material have the proper level of experience. Limiting Class A asbestos removal air monitoring and clearance inspections to Licensed Asbestos Assessors ensures that the consultants have the experience necessary to preform the required works.

Does Envirovision Consulting have Licensed Asbestos Assessors?

Of Course. Our Sydney team has Licensed Asbestos Assessors within our staff to ensure that your job meet the standards of current government regulation. A copy of our assessors documentarian can be provided upon request. Contact us today to talk to one of our friendly consultants about your friable removal job.

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