Illegal Asbestos waste dumping in Sydney – A Rising Problem for our Community

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Illegal Asbestos waste dumping in Sydney – A Rising Problem for our Community

You’ll often see a pile of illegally dumped waste taped off along the side of a semi-rural street. This is usually the work of dodgy contractors that want to save on the tipping costs of waste. The hefty fines or the public backlash does not deter these people.

Example of a illegal dump site containing asbestos.

The councils and ultimately you the tax payer have to pick up the cost of the removal and remediation of the waste. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted research and found that most LGA’s deal with over 100 illegal dumping cases a year and spend more than half a million a year on the prevention, monitoring, and enforcement of illegal dumping.

Based on EPA research, the number illegal dump sites containing asbestos is at 8%. This is a serious issue as the asbestos is often in poor condition as it has just been removed from a site and not stored correctly to minimize exposure. Members of the community are often and rightfully outraged at the negligence of their fellow community members. An example of this was in Chester Hill, a suburb in Western Sydney, a dump truck unloaded a 40 meter stretch of concrete, branches and asbestos waste along the middle of the road.

How can we reduce the number of contractors illegally dumping their waste?

If you get any asbestos removal in your home or workplace you must ask for the waste tipping receipts. This will ensure that the waste that has come from your home has been correctly disposed of.

The EPA states;

“As the owner of the waste, you are responsible for ensuring your asbestos waste is disposed of lawfully, even if you pay someone to take it away for you.”

That means as the homeowner or business owner, you are responsible for the correct disposal of the waste, so ensure you get the disposal receipts once the work is complete.

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