Planning on renovating your Sydney home? You need an asbestos survey inspection!

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Planning on renovating your Sydney home? You need an asbestos survey inspection!

If your home was built or renovated before the late 1980s, its likely to contain asbestos building materials. New research has found that an increasing number of DIY renovators feel that they are not informed enough about asbestos, despite this, almost a quarter of all home renovations in the last two years required asbestos removal.

The medical journal of Australia conducted a study that showed some pretty alarming results listed below:

  • 60.5% of do it yourself (DIY) renovators reported being exposed to asbestos during home renovations.
  • 53% reported their partner and 40% reported their children were also exposed to asbestos during home DIY home renovations.
  • Non DIY renovators were less likely to be exposed or have their families exposed.
  • 58% of DIY renovators cut AC Fibro Sheeting – this was the most common activity resulting in asbestos exposure.
  • 37% of DIY renovators reported using a power tool to cut asbestos products.

What NOT to do with Asbestos!

If you suspect that asbestos may be present in your work zone, don’t touch it. Cutting, drilling, and sawing will release airborne asbestos fibres that when are inhaled can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, or mesothelioma. Don’t risk contaminating your home and putting you families health at risk.

The ‘Third Wave’ Asbestos Victims

The ABC and other publications have used the term ‘third wave’ asbestos victims in many of their articles, but what does it mean? Well, we have to mention the first and second wave victims of asbestos exposure to understand.

First wave asbestos victims were the miners, mill, and transport workers that were in direct contact with the raw asbestos material. Wittenoom in Western Australia and Woodsreef in New South Wales were at the epicenter of asbestos mining and production. Often these environments were extremely dusty with no real dust control being implemented.

Second wave asbestos victims were our tradesmen that were working with asbestos building material. Boilermakers, electricians, rail workers who cut and fit asbestos products for installation were exposed to asbestos fibres during their daily work.

Third wave asbestos victims are now DIY renovators in Sydney who may not necessarily be informed about asbestos products and where they can be found in the home. Often people pulling up carpets, bathrooms, and kitchens are exposing themselves to asbestos.

Get an Asbestos Inspection on your Sydney property!

Before conducting any renovation on your Sydney property, you need to get an asbestos survey inspection to identify all asbestos materials present. Envirovision consulting have multiple years of experience conducting these types of inspections. The report you receive will identify all accessible asbestos material, along with its current condition and recommendations. From there you’ll be able to ascertain whether your renovation work is going to be affected by asbestos materials.

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