Asbestos in strata: Know where you stand

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Asbestos in strata: Know where you stand

With the proliferation of apartment and townhouse living in our major cities, it’s important to understand your right as a resident and responsibility as body corporate. Asbestos is an emotive subject to many people and therefore it is essential to have transparency on the topic.

Any strata building containing common property built before January 1st 2004 must have an asbestos survey and identify all known asbestos containing materials. Companies like Envirovision Consulting audit the building and sample any suspect asbestos materials that may be present, samples are then analysed and a report is generated listing all known asbestos material including type, condition, extent, and recommendations.

If asbestos is identified on the property then it’s up to the Owners Corporation to arrange for its safe removal or, if it’s stable condition, to leave the asbestos untouched. If the decision is made to leave the material, the report should be updated with subsequent inspections every 1-3 years and is dependent on the friability and condition of the asbestos identified on site.

It is essential that this documentation is readily available so any tradesmen can assess and make the precautionary steps if asbestos is present in their work area.

If you require an asbestos site survey and report at your location, contact us by clicking here and we’ll send out a free quote. Envirovision consultants are industry leaders and have expert knowledge everything asbestos related.

For more information on asbestos and strata visit the strata community association or the department of fair trading.

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