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Lead Testing & Inspections in Sydney

Historically, lead was widely used in Sydney because it was cheap and its properties enhanced certain products.

Exposure to lead is linked with harmful effects on many organs and bodily functions. People of all ages may be harmed by lead but the risks are greatest for pregnant women, infants and children. Factors which influence the symptoms and health effects include the age and health status of the person, the amount of lead, and the duration of exposure.

It is well established that elevated blood lead levels can have harmful effects including anaemia, kidney problems and neurological or developmental effects, particularly in children.

Common places sources of lead are found around your home or workplace in Sydney;

  • Interior and exterior paint in buildings built before 1970
  • Lead dust in ceiling cavities or soil due to pre 1980’s petrol containing high levels of lead
  • Lead fumes from uses of tools used to heat up lead based product surfaces.

Lead Testing in Sydney

Envirovision is equip to sample any suspected lead based paint systems or potential lead bearing dust from your home or workplace in Sydney and NSW. Our consultants have years of experience dealing with all aspects of lead and will be able to assist you in completing your desired task. All samples are submitted to our NATA accredited laboratory in Sydney for analysis so you can be assured of an accurate result.

Lead Inspection Reports In Sydney

Envirovision provides Lead technical specifications / scope of works reports for expert advice on the removal of paint systems in your home or workplace in Sydney and NSW.

Lead Air Monitoring in Sydney

If your are removing lead bearing dust or lead based paint systems from your Sydney home, you may be required to conduct Lead exposure monitoring. Lead air monitoring assess the airborne lead dust in the respirable breathing zone.

Image: Example of ceiling dust in Sydney

Is my family at risk?

It depends. If lead paint is in good condition and remains untouched the risks are relatively mild. However, if the paint systems are flaking and are showing signs of deterioration there is a high likelihood that children will explore and come into contact with the paint which is harmful, Envirovision has an article on lead exposure in children which can be found here.

Lead containing dust can likely accumulate in ceiling spaces due to the lead based petrol used in Sydney prior to the 1980’s. If your roof space dust has high lead concentrations, there is a danger to your family if the dust is falling through vents and being tract in the living areas from going in and out of the roof space.

Is lead commonly found in Sydney?

Lead based paint primers and undercoats were used extensively in Sydney prior to the 1980s. Additionally, lead based petrol used in motor vehicles released dust and emissions now commonly found in ceiling dust within all building types in Sydney and NSW.

What can I do if I think I have lead in my home in Sydney?

If you think you may have lead in your Sydney home or workplace, call us to book an inspection or click the form button above to request and quote and inspection. We can have a consultant out to your property in Sydney the next day.

What are the dangers of lead in Sydney?

If your home in Sydney or NSW was built prior to the 1980’s there is a high likelihood that lead is present in your home. The dangers occur when lead dust is inhaled, when lead paint is ingested or comes into contact with the skin. Countless of studies have been conducted on adults and children on the effects of lead poisoning, ranging from mild headaches all the way to permanent disability. It is essential to establish where lead is present in your Sydney home and assess its condition and likelihood of contact and ingestion.

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