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If you think you may have come across some asbestos containing material on your premises or worksite, Envirovision consultants fully equip to come on site and conduct any necessary sampling for you.
All samples are submitted to our NATA accredited laboratory in Sydney and results will indicate the presence of either;
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  • Chrysotile (white asbestos)
  • Amosite (brown asbestos)
  • Crocidolite (blue asbestos)

Image: Main types of asbestos found in pure from.

The Sampling and Testing Process

Once an inspection has been made with one of our Sydney consultants, we will arrange to meet you on site. One of our experienced consultants will inspect the area, take photographs, and safely take the sample ensuring the minimize damage and exposure. The sample will then be bagged and sent to our Sydney based NATA accredited laboratory analysis for testing. The report will then be sent to your email following its completion along with any recommendations and advice we feel necessary.

NATA accredited laboratory in Sydney

It is essential that when choosing the proper company that you ensure they use a NATA accredited laboratory for the analysis, otherwise the report will hold zero weight with tradies, councils and professionals. Our Sydney based laboratory ensures that you get you results back swiftly and that they have been adequately analysed.

Will taking the samples damage my property (walls, ceilings, etc.)?

There is this misconception that we have to smash through your walls and ceilings to take samples and you’ll be left with gaping holes throughout your property, that’s not the case. We only have to take a small scraping of the material to get the proper sample size. We usually try to take samples from the corners where the indent won’t be as noticeable, usually you can’t even tell it’s there. Once again, we have taken thousands of samples across Sydney and NSW so we understand how to take samples properly.

Will taking a sample contaminate the area?

Our consultants have taken thousands of samples all across Sydney and NSW and have decades of knowledge on asbestos products. It is essential that our consultants are experienced and understand safe sampling techniques for both your and their safety. All exposed areas from sampling are sealed with solvent based adhesive spray to ensure that the sample area is not exposed.

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