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Asbestos Register in Sydney

An asbestos register is a document that lists all identified or assumed asbestos in a workplace. The person with management or control of a workplace in Sydney must ensure an asbestos register is prepared and kept at the workplace at all times.

An asbestos register is not required if;

  • The workplace in Sydney or NSW was a building that was constructed after 31 December 2003, and;
  • No asbestos has been identified in the workplace.

Envirovision’s asbestos registers are compliant with current government regulations and will include;

  • All asbestos identified or assumed in the workplace
  • Date of identification
  • Location, type and condition of the asbestos identified.
  • Level of potential risks to persons
  • Recommendations for future control of removal of asbestos
Asbestos Management Plan in Sydney

An asbestos management plan is a complimentary document to an asbestos register. The asbestos register identifies all asbestos materials in the workplace, while a management plan details the roles and responsibilities of the organisation when dealing with that asbestos. If you have management control of a workplace in Sydney, you may be obligated to provide this document.

Fines of up to $6,000 for individuals or $30,000 for body corporate may be issued for a lack of these documents.

How often do you update your asbestos register?

As per the SafeWork NSW code of practice, it is recommended that your Sydney or NSW based workplace asbestos register is updated at least every 5 years. If friable asbestos is detected in the workplace, it may be sensible to update the register every 2 years to assess the condition of the material. Sydney was a hotspot like many other metropolitan cities in Australia, so it’s essential that your register is complete and updated.

If you’re in Sydney, or NSW Envirovision can update your register for you, just request a quote by clicking the form button at the top of the page or call us today!

Access to the asbestos register on site!

A copy of the asbestos register should always be readily accessible at your workplace in Sydney. Anyone who intends to conduct work on the building should be given a copy of the asbestos register to assess whether their job will be affected by the in-situ asbestos. This will allow them to implement the proper measures to deal with the asbestos present.

Can you update an asbestos register done by another company?

Of course! Just provide us the copy of the asbestos register done in Sydney or NSW and we will re-inspect the site in full ensuring the contents is updated to meet new and current regulation. If areas were missed in the initial inspection, we will take additional samples to ensure your register report is up to date.

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